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School Visit


Today (Friday 26th January) myself and PC  Matthew Wysocki were invited to Harvington First School to speak the pupils during Assembly.


We covered the topics about Road Safety and parking outside the school along with Anti Social Behaviour.   The school engaged really well with us and we were asked some great questions.  Thank you Harvington for making us so welcome to your lovely school.


It was great to continue chatting with pupils as they were leaving school and interacting with parents with regards to the importance of parking safely outside the school.


PC Karen Kempton



Just wanted to say how wonderful the Carol service was this evening. It was truly special hearing them all sing so wonderfully. It was quite emotional. You must be so immensely proud when you watch them. Thank you so much for all the time and effort that goes into these special moments for us as parents.


Thank you again for the opportunity, you and your team were so warm and welcoming as well as the wonderful children .

Building a safe , open and opportunistic environment I can see is at that forefront of everything you do , Love , Learn and Grow comes to life . 


"Year 5 were a pleasure to have and to work with. Their passion for learning and their prior knowledge was exemplary and they knew so much already which meant we could build on what they knew. They were so polite and listened so well. Thank you for a great day with your class."

Lynda, Compton Verney 

Just wanted to say congratulations on officially being an outstanding school… yet again. The report is wonderful and truly reflects the school and all the hard work that goes into keeping at that level.  You must be so pleased with it!  We feel privileged to have them both with you. We didn’t need an Ofsted to know that obviously, but we’re happy you got the recognition you all deserve.


We feel incredibly lucky to have such an exceptional and ‘outstanding’ school on our doorstep.


I just wanted to email to say how much we enjoyed the key stage 2 performance. It was entertaining the whole way through. Mrs Whillock you did a fantastic job and the kids had a great time.


Thankyou so so much for creating a wonderful production. The show was totally wonderful, so polished, so inclusive, and simply a joy. 


I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities you have given me. 

Student teacher

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for today to everyone.  Every single member of staff we saw were so welcoming and friendly even though I know almost everyone they are making me feel so welcome already. So thank you.

New staff member

We were absolutely thrilled with our child's report and are so proud of how far he has come. He is super proud of himself, and rightly so. His confidence has grown massively, and you are a huge part of that. 


I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding education provided by Harvington First School. As a parent, I firmly believe that our children are in a
truly exceptional education establishment. I am delighted to witness the remarkable progress our child has made in their learning journey at Harvington First School. The school's dedication to providing a rich and challenging curriculum, combined with the teacher's unwavering support and personalized attention, has helped our child to flourish academically. They have developed a thirst for knowledge, and their eagerness to learn is evident in their daily discussions about the topics they cover in school. I truly appreciate the school's commitment to fostering a love of learning.


Wow! What can I say?! What a performance from your fantastic choir led valiantly by you! The choirs which followed were older and larger in singer numbers and yet Harvington choir did more than hold their own amongst the talent. You have clearly worked very hard with them all and you should be as proud of yourself as I know you are of them. You have inspired Chloe’s singing. She has learned tunes and lyrics she never would have done otherwise and she has grown in confidence in her performance. Thank you!


Please share our thanks with the whole team. We were made to feel very welcome and wanted to share how impressed we were with the children's manners, respect and enthusiasm. The school went the extra mile to support every child ensuring everyone could learn to cycle. We were amazed to hear that the school found a bike, a helmet and taught an individual to learn to ride and they were confident enough to practise on the roads too. What a fabulous school.

The Bikeability Team

Please thank Mrs. Fishbourne for the show round today. It was lovely to see the whole school and we were amazed by the facilities, the cohesiveness of the school, and the behaviour of the students! We are definitely wanting to get the children signed up to the nursery.

We were very excited by the nursery, and think it would be the perfect place for the support and development of our children.

Prospective parents

I just wanted to tell you about a child who was sitting next to me at the concert yesterday and how proud she should be about how she cares for her friends.

A child in year 5 was sitting with next to another child, who was visibly nervous and she was reassured her with hugs and positive praise. When the child went up to play on the keyboard she sat with her fingers crossed and was overheard saying "come on you've got this, you can do it, I know you can"

When the child came to sit back down she made sure she knew where she was with huge open arms and held her tight and told her how well she had done 

She is such a lovely model of kindness and a wonderfully supportive friend. 



Over the years I have really enjoyed listening to readers and seeing them grow in confidence. I shall follow the progress of Harvington School with great interest, certain that it will continue to produce well mannered, keen and happy pupils.



My child has enjoyed the different clubs this term. He enjoys having all the extra responsibilities in Year Five too. I think he has 'grown' so much and will be ready for Middle school



Thank you for all the fabulous communication the school gives us. We always feel we know what is going on and the App messages really help us too.


Thankyou for taking the children this evening. I have just put a very excited and buzzy child to bed. It was so lovely to hear them sing and what an experience on a professional stage!  I hope the choir continues to grow and even more children can take part. These opportunities and clubs really are what makes school even more special and memorable. 


This is to say formally on behalf of all the planning group for the Harvington Big Jubilee Picnic last Sunday, a very, very big thank you to you and your amazing children.

Their singing brought a wonderful joy to the occasion which everybody absolutely loved. To me they were the highlight of the afternoon filling the village hall with cheers and great appreciation. I've never seen the village hall so full!

Please thank the children from the bottom of our hearts for their contribution and thank you so much for helping to make it happen in preparation and on the day.

Village Jubilee Celebration Committee.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the help supporting Emily in her fundraising for The Little Princess Trust. Along with the dress down day yesterday and her fundraising page, Emily’s total so far is £503. This is a huge sum, way more than we thought. She still has another couple of weeks so we will be collecting from family and friends to see if we can get to £550 which is the cost to make a wig for a child. Please pass my thanks onto all the parents and children that have made this possible.

Emily's Mum

I think the idea of the teacher mentor is just lovely. My daughter has adored working with her Year Four teacher mentor… I don’t think it could have been a better match! She has gone above and beyond by making some flash cards for my daughter to have and work with at home! 


This morning I attended the inter school swimming gala at Evesham Leisure Centre as my child had been selected to swim the  25m backstroke. Firstly, I wish to congratulate all the participants who were brave enough to take part today. It is not an easy thing to overcome nerves and swim in front of so many people especially for the first time! The behaviour and team spirit towards each other and the other schools was exemplary. There were a couple of swimmers who were unable to complete their lengths and were upset but others came and comforted and consoled and all left smiling! It was a joy to see such lovely team care between them. Secondly, I wish to shout praise for the Harvington teachers who were absolutely fantastic with the children! They team roused, organised, encouraged, consoled and were brilliant! They walked beside competitors as they swam encouraging them till they reached the end. 

I'm not sure teachers get a thank you from parents so often, but today please can you say a quiet thank you and acknowledgement on behalf of the parents that attended today.

Congratulations to Harvington for winning!

I had to prise the medal off my child at bedtime! From someone who was too scared to raise his hand in class to a confident competitor today, .... thank you, thank you, thank you!


It was lovely to see such well behaved children walking around the wildlife park today and we particularly liked that they said the prayer before they ate their lunch.

Member of the public.

We really do love how much Harvington celebrates the things the children are interested in and the different things they care about, outside of school.


My son came home tonight full of the fact you’d been talking to them about friendship at collective worship. He said as Mrs Fishbourne says it takes a strong person to say sorry but an even stronger person to forgive! Then we had a good chat about forgiveness and friendship. Thank you for all the values you are teaching him! 


Just a note to say how much we appreciated the "Bethlehem Star" performance - it was so good for the children to have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience, and they all did really well.


Just wanted to drop a note to say a huge thank you to everyone over the past few weeks.. Christmas is always fun but hard work! The nativity was amazing and the carols tonight were just perfect! 


just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for putting on such a wonderful show for us all over the past couple of days by the children and all the staff . I know it wouldn’t have been an easy decision to continue with the live performances but I agree that this was so important for the children to enjoy and experience this year. You all made the whole experience so special for the children and especially our boys who have so enjoyed the past couple of days even though they have very tired little bodies now .
Thank you again to you all for making the last few days so special and also for all the efforts from the staff for the next couple of days too.


I wanted to drop you an email to say I really enjoyed the Nativity play tonight and to praise you and the team for an entertaining production despite the challenging circumstances that you are all having to contend with.
I felt very proud being able to see my children on the stage: thank you for giving us the opportunity to do so.


Many thanks for organising such a great music concert. I thought the kids rose to the occasion beautifully. I particularly loved the one note blues on the fife!

Parent & Music Teacher

 A recent supply teacher said he had never been to a school with such polite, enthusiastic and well mannered children. He wanted to say thank you to everyone for being so welcoming.

Supply Teacher

Thank you Harvington School.
We have received a lovely hand made Christmas card and beautifully scribed letter from the Year 5 children today, apologising on behalf of their parents for inconsiderate parking. 
Thank goodness we have such amazing youth who will grow up to be caring responsible adults.  Well done to the School, teaching them how people’s actions affect their neighbours.
Maybe a lot of adults could learn a thing or two from these bright young people.

Local resident.

It is the best decision we have ever made, sending our child to your school. Our child has never been happier'



'The communication from all the teachers is the best we have experienced and the newsletters are so informative'



'My child loves lunchtime and sitting with his family group'


The family are very lucky to have such a kind and caring school looking after them.

Family Support External Professional

My daughter assisted me with laying a wreath at Pershore Abbey on Sunday. She was the only child present at the service and behaved very well throughout being both respectful and attentive. We had to arrive very early so there was a wait before the start of the service, during which she was picking out stories that she has been learning about at school from the windows and pictures around the Abbey. This, and her very clear rendition of the Lord’s Prayer, really impressed the officers and other dignitaries sat near us. She told them all that she went to Harvington and that is where she had learnt all about the bible stories and how important Remembrance Day was. Both her father and I were incredibly proud of her and she is certainly a very proud little advocate for the school.

 Thank you very much for the time and effort that is taken to teach the children about themes, such as Remembrance Day. I think it speaks volumes about the school that, at only 5 years old, one of the pupils can hold her head high and quite happily discuss the importance of such a topic with a group of adults.

A proud parent.


Just a quick note from me to say thank you to each and everyone of you for being so welcoming and supportive in my first half term at Harvington.

New member of staff.

I was so pleased when we were allocated your school for our children to join and I am not disappointed now they have been with you since the beginning of term. The care and attention they are receiving from their class teachers is perfect and we are very grateful for all you are doing. The school is wonderful.


My son's current school talk about values but this is something else, it is clear they are completely embedded and the life of the school.

Visiting parent.



Thank you again for showing us around your beautiful school. It didn’t need the children there to feel like a special place. I can only imagine what it is like when all the children are there. 

Visiting parent


I have never visited a school where the children have shown such respect and good manners, they were asking me how I was in reply to me asking them.

Visiting Nurse

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter has enjoyed Bikeability this week. I wasn’t sure how much she would get out of it as we’ve done quite a bit of cycling, especially in lockdown so she’s quite used to cycling on the roads - but she’s absolutely loved it and definitely learnt a lot.

She even asked if we could go for a ride round the village tonight so she could show me what she’s learnt!

Please could you pass on our thanks to everyone involved.

I think it’s been lovely for them to do something normal, a Y5 rite of passage! Especially since they missed Kingswood.



Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all involved for the support today for my son trying a hot dinner! He’s so proud of himself! He’s also looking forward to going through the menu over the weekend to see which other days he would like to try!



I just wanted to drop you a note to say a big thankyou for putting on the Movie Night on Friday.

My son loved it as did all the other children. It was great to see them all out and excited.

 It was very generous to give up your Friday evening to do this and it was really appreciated by us all.

 Thanks again



I just wanted to let you know how much my son enjoyed the litter pick today.  He has told me all about the different things the lady has found and how someone had found over a million cigarette butts in just a mile of one beach! 

He was so inspired, that we have just bought a litter picker from Argos so he can do some litter picks when we take the dog out for a walk. 

What a great activity! Thank you. 

We're off to pick it up now.


Can I say how lovely Reception class were today when carrying out eye tests  - Orthoptist


Just to say thank you for making the first day back such a roaring success. My daughter has returned shattered but full of beans having clearly had a wonderful day thanks to you all.
The extra little note via the app to say that everyone was happy and chatty this morning was very much appreciated too. Parent


"I take my hat off to you and everyone at the school for how the home learning has been communicated etc etc, you are all juggling so much and still smiling - it’s unbelievable!" Parent


Dear Mrs Fishbourne and all the staff working behind the scenes. 

Just to say we think you are all doing a fabulous job of keeping the school up and running in such difficult times. The online lectures and the course work comes through nicely on the website and teachers are quick to reply to messages… and I expect they have hundreds throughout the day! 

Wonderful to hear that you still have time to hand out laptops, and collect for food banks and all. 

Well done everyone, we’re all very impressed here. 

We’re so grateful for all. 



Good afternoon Miss Palmer

I just wanted to say a huge thank you from myself and my child. My child is loving school at the moment and I know it's down to all your (extra) hard work. I appreciate how much extra work you are doing in these uncertain times but I want you to know it's not gone unnoticed and I really appreciate it. My child is also so engaged when at home doing live lessons and looks forward to them.

Thank you to all of the Year 3 team!


Hello Mrs Fishbourne,

I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for giving my children a brilliant first day back. They have both come out full of smiles and for a parent in tears over worrying if I'm doing the right thing and feeling guilty almost for being a Key Worker now means so much and I'm truly grateful. Please would you pass on my thanks to Miss Boers and Mrs Waldron.

Kind regards,



Hi Miss Beaver

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and were able to actually enjoy some much 

deserved time off.
I suspect that, unfortunately, you have had to spend more time than usual preparing for the spring 

term. We just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for the children and will 

no doubt continue to do whether that's in the class room or helping us to home school which we suspect 

could be coming our way again.
As working parents we are extremely grateful to all Harvington staff for continuing to open the 

school and allow the children to attend. We recognise this comes at a risk to all involved and can't 

tell you how much we appreciate what you are doing.
Equally, if the decision is made to close Harvington, whether through choice or enforced, we 

absolutely support the school.
Throughout the whole pandemic, we have been so impressed with how you have all adapted and 

coped with the additional pressure and how hard everyone has worked to keep the children as safe as they

 realistically can be while at school.
Who knows what lies ahead but we've no doubt you will all continue to do the amazing job you do 

and we as parents will continue to be so very grateful.
A million thank you's to you all.

Year 1 Parents


Just to say a big thank you to you and all the staff for making my daughter's last week of term absolutely wonderful. You really went to great lengths to make it memorable and fun. Thanks so much for the pictures too. It’s wonderful to see what they are up to too!!! Year 2 Parent


Many thanks to you and the team for making this last week so special and Christmassy for the children - my daughter absolutely loved all the activities. Have a lovely Christmas! Year 2 Parent


Dear Miss Kite and Mrs Clark, thank you both so much for giving the children such a wonderful Christmas week!! So many activities and surprises and fun!!
It makes the world magical as it should be!!
Wishing you both a very Merry and healthy Christmas x Year 2 Parent

My son has had the best week in school. He loved the visit from the reindeer and the classroom party! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the Year 3 team for making all this happen! Regardless of what is going on in the world and all the changes that have had to happen you are still able to make school a fun place to be.

Thank you for having such a huge positive impact on all our children at this time.

I wish you and your team a very merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful break as you deserve it. Parent


Just to say thank you, my daughter had the best day today - who knew Reindeer were so exciting!! Best day of her life apparently. Parent



We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the effort and hard work that everyone has put into making the school such a happy and safe place since returning fully in September.

Mrs Fishbourne, we know what a challenging time this has been under unprecedented circumstances and we thank you for the excellent management of the school.


This was the reply from our neighbour to my son's lockdown letter:

"I feel proud to have him as a neighbour, I've put his letter on the fridge, I will get him a thank you present when I'm in town."


Dear Mrs Fishbourne 

Please see attached photograph of John receiving Karina's lockdown letter that she wrote at school.  John was overwhelmed when he read it & it did make him smile.  I am part of John's caring bubble as his own daughter lives a few miles away.  Karina & I regularly visit John with homemade cakes.

John & I would like to send a big thank you to all the staff at Harvington School for helping the children write lockdown letters. What a lovely idea. Parent

My son came home telling us all about Stay Safe Online Day including how if someone tries to be your friend online you shouldn’t be friends with them because they’d watched a video about a chick who thought they were making friends with a chick and it was a fox. I thought it was a very good way to communicate this important message and age-appropriate for Y1. Parent
I  am in awe of how well all the staff have reacted to the problems inherent and their dedication. Governor

Thank you for sharing all of these lovely observations from my daughter's life at school, we are so pleased that she is progressing with her learning and is enjoying herself. Thank you :) Parent (Evidence Me)


It’s lovely seeing these videos of her learning in school. She is really enjoying sharing what she has done at school. Parent (Evidence Me)

'I am both humbled and in awe at the dedication teachers and all support staff have shown to continue to support the children's education at this most disruptive time.' Community Resident


"It's wonderful that you are managing to get the whole school back for some much needed school time for all the children, such a positive 'can do' attitude." Volunteer 


"The planning and dedication that goes into opening the school and teaching our children." Parent


"I think Harvington have been exceptional in their communication, support and organisation in a very difficult time for all."  Parent 


"They absolutely love being back at school at both the key worker group & back in the classroom with their teachers. I am so lucky to have such kind, willing & lovely people looking after my girls." Parent


"What this journal also shows is just how much work the Reception Team have put in and how much value you have all added to the children's education and emotional development. We can't thank you all enough for all that you have done to make my child's first year at school such a great experience for him and for us. It really is very much appreciated." Parent


"Colleagues who have visited your school confirm that the pupils' attitudes to their work and their behaviour in lessons is exceptionally good."

"Thank you for your strong leadership. I am sure you will continue to be ambitious for your school and that you will continue to work to develop outstanding provision." Gail Quinton, Director of Children's Services


"The school values every adult and pupil as an individual. It is highly successful in removing barriers to learning so that all pupils, but particularly those at risk of not doing well, have an equal chance of success." Ofsted


"Firstly, can I say a huge thanks for making my child's first week at nursery 'amazing', I understand what a stressful time it must be for all the teachers and staff and in my opinion have and are doing a fabulous job. Thank you for all you do for all the children." Parent   


"Just wanted to say a huge 'Thank you' to you all. We really appreciate all the hard work you've put in to get the children back to school and safely during this unusual and stressful time. It has certainly improved all our mental health, getting some form of normality back!! 

We are so pleased we sent our daughter to Harvington and are already feeling sad that she only has one year left. 

We hope you all have a well deserved break and look forward to returning in September. 

Thanks so much everyone." Parent

Some messages from our community residents following

'Harvest Basket' deliveries


Today, a group of young children from your school, in the company of their escort, delivered a box full of harvest fare to my door, with admirable politeness.

I wanted you all to know, especially the children, how much such a gift means. I want you to know that I am grateful for the foodstuffs, but - for me - more importantly, how grateful I am for your generous gifts of love, thoughtfulness and kindness.

As a small child, I can recall delivering such parcels myself and the joy I felt watching each persons face alight with a smile. I now understand how it feels to be the recipient of such generosity. Perhaps, as you youngsters grow and mature, you too will eventually be able to see and feel the special difference you make.

When you are disabled, in pain or elderly, it is very easy to become isolated and downcast. Just knowing that such love is in this world, makes the isolation and pain less difficult to bear.

So I send you my heartfelt thanks and love for your gifts, with hope that you will continue in such beautiful endeavours. God bless you all.


I would like to thank you all very much for the lovely Harvest box you gave me. I will certainly enjoy everything in it. It was a lovely thought. Love to you all. 


Thank you very much for our Harvest basket, how kind of you to think of us. It was delivered by a teacher and child, accompanied by a cheery smile. We have only recently moved into the village and this visit and gift were a delightful surprise.


What a lovely surprise I had being handed a box with lots of nice goodies that had been decorated with care. I am pleased we have this event in the village, it brings the whole community together. Thank you again.


Thank you boys and girls for your gift of lovely fruit and vegetables and so much more in a beautiful box decorated with autumn leaves.


Thank you so much for my harvest gift in a beautifully decorated basket. The chocolate biscuits were delicious!! The school’s thoughtfulness is much appreciated.


Thank you so much for the lovely harvest basket that you delivered. I try to eat as healthily as I can and I will enjoy the fruit with my morning yoghurt.


Many thanks for our Harvest Basket. It is so lovely to see the staff and children every year. We are grateful that the school remembers the older people in the village. We hope you have a happy autumn term.


Thank you so much for the fruit and veg. I’m going to make some soup and use the cabbage in my Sunday roast. Have a lovely half-term.