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Sound Discrimination Demo Videos

These are games to help children hear the difference between speech sounds.

  • Sound discrimination – EYFS


Target sound cards

Game of choice

Sound discrimination activity - Early Years

Easy sound discrimination activity - listening for two different speech sounds in isolation

  • Initial sound sorting


Target sound letter/picture cards

Set of pictures for each target sound

Initial sound sorting demo


Sound discrimination at the start of words - early years

An easy activity to listen for sounds at the start of words

  • Silent sorting


Target sound letters

Pictures with target sounds

Silent sorting

Practising silently sorting words according to their initial sound helps children to store them more accurately and that helps them to say them more accurate...

  • Listening for mistakes


Picture cards with target sound

Listening for mistakes demo

Listening for adult errors can help children to develop their discrimination and self monitoring skills

  • Listening for mistakes – end of words


Picture cards with target sound at end of word

Listening for mistakes - ends of words

Listening for deliberate errors in an adult's speech is a really good way to help children improve their self-monitoring. Say the words, make a deliberate er...

  • Where in the word?


Sequencing caterpillar

Target sounds

Pictures or word list with target sounds at the start/middle/end of words

where in word demo video

Listening for a target sound in different word positions helps to build phonological skills and can also help children to generalise sounds they have been wo...

  • Discriminating and producing ‘S’ blends

(‘Sc’ blend but can be used with ‘Sl’, ‘St’, ‘Sm’, ‘Sn’)


S blend picture or letters

Sequencing caterpillar

Vowel pictures or letters

Discriminating and producing 'S' Blends

Lots of children find it tricky to use consonant blends. Listening for which sounds are at the start of a word and then practising blending them will help.