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School Photographs Tuesday 22nd October


to Harvington C.E First & Nursery School

Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead - Helen Fishbourne, Deputy Headteacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Becky Enstone. SEND Lead: Helen Fishbourne.

Join the Team - Help Us Grow!

At time of writing... the team looks something like this but it's never to late to join us, there's always room for more help!  A lot of the roles can be absorbed within one another, for example; if you like bargain hunting and price comparisons but not be 'customer' facing, this is always possible! 


Chair Alison Mogg      
Treasurer Laura Turner      
Secretary Emma Archbold      
Purchasing Adele Jones      
Marketing Claire Walters      
Catering Debbie Sealey - Wade Emma Heaton    
Operations (VACANT)      
Year Reps:        


Mrs Jones      


Mrs Heaton      

Year 1

Mrs Bowen      

Year 2

Mrs Archbold Mrs Blundell    

Year 3

Miss Mogg Mrs Buckley    

Year 4

Mrs Walters Miss Pennington    

Year 5

Miss Booth      


A lot of the formal titles can sound quite daunting, but are all broken down into simple descriptions of what is entailed, please do get in touch if you'd like to know more about a particular role, or have a skill you feel you would like to offer. 


Year Reps can help with spreading the word on upcoming events, perhaps selling tickets, general promotion.  Always welcome to attend committee meetings as you tend to be 'at the coal face' and may have ideas on things the children like, don't like, and have suggestions to improve the 'service' the PTFA offer.  Remember, this is ALL voluntary, we are all here for the same aim - raising additional funds towards resources and the enjoyment and development of "our kids".