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The school will close at 1pm today - please collect your child as soon as you are able to


to Harvington C.E First & Nursery School

Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead - Helen Fishbourne, Deputy Headteacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Becky Enstone. SEND Lead: Helen Fishbourne.



Welcome to Reception Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Brown

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Prosser, Mrs Stowers and Mrs Garrett


Class Governor: Mr Beard 

PTFA Link: Mrs Jacobs and Mrs Moulder

This half term our Theme is...

People who help us



Key Questions

How do we celebrate?

Why do we wear a poppy?

Who is Guy Fawkes?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

How do the emergency services keep us safe?



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A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication — listening, speaking, reading and writing. We are always learning new words and children are always so inquisitive to find out the meaning. 

Our key words this half term are:






Can your child explain what the words mean? Can they clap the syllables? Can they use the word in a sentence? 


This half term we are learning how to use our phonics to segment and blend for reading.


Our focus words are... 


a, an, as, at, if, is, it, of, off, on, in, had, back, and, get, him, his, not, got, up, but, put, Dad and can. 


We are also learning to read our phase two tricky words (words that are not decodable).


Our focus tricky words are...


I, no, into, go, the and no


Please see the below PDF to download the flashcards and practise with your child at home.


Send in evidence of practising on Evidence Me to receive a merit!


Key Information




Children should put their message books in the box each day. Children will be heard read at least three times per week in class, please support your child at home too (remember to write in the message book when you have heard your child read please).


Please remember your child needs a water bottle for lunchtime and if they have a lunch bag please put an ice pack in during warmer weather to keep food cool.


Please do not put water bottles in book bags as we do not want our books to become damaged.


During the first half term children will be able to choose their lunch when they arrive at the lunch hall. Please look at the menu with your child and discuss what they would like. If you would prefer them to have a certain meal, please write this in the message book.  After the first half term children will be asked what they would like for lunch in the morning during registration, this is to help prevent wastage for class catering who cook our lovely lunches.


Please ensure you are waiting near the Reception gate so that we can hand over smoothly at the end of the day. Before and after school please ensure your children remain with you (including younger siblings). The grass/ forest school/ fort areas are out of bounds at these times to maintain safety. 


Monday and Thursday- PE:


Please ensure fully named PE kits are brought to school this week. Children will NOT need pumps until the summer term. All kit should be named and stored in a drawstring bag on your child's peg. Please practise dressing/ undressing at home and consider whether your child can manage the clothes they are wearing fairly independently (eg tights, shirt buttons).


Tuesday- Forest School:


Please ensure your child has named wellies in school. Children will need suncream and a hat during warmer weather. If possible, please can girls wear trousers rather than skirts/ dresses for forest school sessions.


Don't forget to check our parents board, where you can see examples of children's work, photographs, sounds that we have learnt, wow work of the week and much more!

Homework challenge


Daily reading with your child at home.

Please remember to write in the message book when you have heard your child read.  

We consider ourselves partners in your child's learning.

At Harvington C.E. First school we have an open door policy which means we are always ready to help and discuss anything concerning your child's welfare and education.






"Cherish the natural world, because you're part of it and depend on it"


This year Reception will be learning how to:


- Look after our planet by picking up litter, recycling and helping others

- Name the continents

-Become natural explorers during forest school sessions

- Care for animals

-Explore maps and create their own maps


This half term we will begin learning our phase 2 sounds.  Please support your child in being able to recognise the letters and say the sound correctly. Click on the sound mat to see Mr Thorne's example of segmenting and blending for reading.





We will also begin learning our phase 2 tricky words.




Click on the picture below to support your child's literacy and maths learning. Children are familiar with these games from school. 




Boom shake the alphabet

A fun song that will teach your child the letter names and sounds.

Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song

Learn how to count to 10 with zero zero superhero. Ask your child to teach you the actions that we have learnt in our maths lessons.

Colors Song | Color Words | Rock Your Body to the Colors | Jack Hartmann

Your children will move, dance, sing, bop and rock as they learn twelve (12) of the basic colors. In addition, all the color words rhyme with a fun movement word so your children will hear the movement word, the rhyming color word, and see the color.


We are learning how to form our letters correctly. We will be starting our lowercase letters on the line starting with a tick and ending with a flick! Please encourage this at home too!