Harvington C of E First and Nursery School

‘Together we love, learn and grow’

Collective Worship

"Collective worship is inclusive, invitational and inspirational. It is dynamic, relevant to today’s world and has a transformational impact on life decisions made by all pupils and adults."           SIAMS 2023


Collective Worship at Harvington First School:

  • Gives children the opportunity to enter into experiences, which lie at the heart of religion.  These experiences assist them in learning about religious worship and provide a framework for later understanding.
  • Fosters a reverential attitude to the Trinity.
  • Encourages pupils to consider fundamental questions about the purpose of being and about moral and ethical stances.
  • Provides an opportunity, for those who can use it, to participate in religious worship.
  • Allows us to learn and celebrate values we hold to be important.
  • Brings children together, enabling them to experience the security of belonging to a community with an identity of its own.
  • Is the source of much interesting and thought provoking knowledge.
  • Offers pleasurable expression through literature, art, music and drama.
  • Makes an important, though not exclusive, contribution to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Is led by a variety of different leaders including children and members of other faiths.


The structure of our week:

Monday -    Music based worship. Led by the headteacher. All staff to attend as the theme of the week will be launched.

Tuesday -     A teacher leads on a rota basis. All staff to attend.                

Wednesday - ‘Open The Book’ / teacher leads on a rota basis

Thursday -    Class based worship linking to news with the use of Picture News

Friday -        Celebrating Achievement. All staff to attend. 


Prayers play a fundamental part to our worship. Children may, if they wish, write a prayer to be read out, bring their own prayer to read or have read, and write prayers for a specific Collective Worship service such as Harvest Festival, Remembrance or Christmas. We also invite parents and the community to write prayers and bring them in for us to share. These prayers are included in our prayer book. Teachers also share prayers as part of Collective Worship. We also regularly say our School Prayer and the Lord's Prayer.


Click the links below to see our daily prayers in action!