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Theme Days

At the start of each half term all the children enjoy participating in special theme days. These are days when the children spend the whole day learning about specific subjects and curriculum themes. They have great fun and can delve deeper into these subject areas. Here are some of the theme days for this year:


Nursery support

‘Children in Need’ Day


The children all enjoyed our 'Children in Need' day. There were so many fun things to do from colouring in the dots on Pudsey bandana, making Pudsey headbands, bouncing balloons on the parachute and trying to catch the spots in the water tray. We had a discussion about how lots of children or families around the world can live differently to others and that the Children in Need charity helped to raise money in lots of different ways to help support families around the world. Well done everyone.



KS2 Business Week November 2020



Children in Years 3, 4 and 5 have been very busy running their own business to raise money for Children in Need. The children designed and created ‘Positivitea’ Packs, which included a hand decorated mug and a few other treats chosen by the children. The
packs were ordered by the KS2 parents and within their groups the children managed the orders, the designs, the packaging and the finances to ensure they made a profit. All together the KS2 children donated £125 to Children in Need and kept a small profit in their class fund to decide what they would like to buy.

Brilliant team work KS2!







Computing Day

6th November 2020

For our computing day each class used a story book to reinforce online safety messages.







The children spent the rest of the day developing their computing skills including using the beebots, creating graphs on Purple Mash, researching facts on the internet and filming presentations. All of the children impressed us with their amazing knowledge!



On Remembrance Day (Wednesday 11th November) every class had the chance to watch the video of the Remembrance service that we put together and observed two minutes silence. Reverend Thorniley led the service and every child took part by placing a poppy on the altar table. Year 5 respectfully read the names of the fallen. If you would like to see the clip it is in the Parent Share section of the website.

In class, we learnt even more about Remembrance day - why we celebrate it and what people do to celebrate. Each class then created some work which we could display in school. 
In Year 5 we sewed some poppies. It was quite fiddly and a bit tricky but we showed great perseverance! Years 1,2, and 3 all completed some lovely art linked to poppies and poppy fields. In Year 3 they spent a lot of time thinking about depth perception. Year 4 created some fantastic hanging poppies. The children in Nursery also created some poppies, can you spot them displayed in their window?




Not forgotten!

Nursery children enjoyed making poppies to display in their nursery window. The adult talked about the brave men that lost their lives during the wars so that we have a better life today. Some nursery children took part in a slow remembrance walk to place their poppies on the altar. 



Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night

On Thursday 5th November we spent the day learning all about why we celebrate bonfire night! Each class found out all about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. We found the story of Guy Fawkes fascinating - especially the punishments he endured! In Year 4 they had a big discussion about the story and found out the who, what, where, when and why's of the story. Reception class did some fantastic firework art work and in Year 2 and Year 3 they wrote some lovely poems and retold the story. Finally, Year 5 also did some poetry and firework art work and then retold the story of Guy Fawkes in their own words. We also discussed whether Guy Fawkes did the right thing and had some very interesting answers!


Sports Enrichment

On Wednesday 4th November Reception and KS1 participated in a Yoga-themed sports enrichment day. Children learned about different breathing techniques and practised balancing skills. It was really tricky standing on one foot! Corrin from Year 1 said, “That was so much fun!”.




Understanding Christianity day - People of God/Incarnation

On Tuesday 3rd November it was our Understanding Christianity day where we explore different parts of the 'Big Frieze' - the story of the Bible. We spent the day looking at the People of God section and the Incarnation section.

As part of our People of God learning in Year 2 the children took part in some Godly play in the hall and created parts of the story using Lego. Year 1 heard the story of David and Goliath and then wrote some fantastic character descriptions. Year 5 watched a video clip of the story of Moses and completed a character comparison of Moses and the Pharaoh.

When we were looking at Incarnation, Year 5 compared the Christmas story in the book of Matthew to the story in the book of Luke. We were very surprised to find how many differences there were!


PSHE Theme Day

For our PSHE theme day this term, our topic across the school was Celebrating Difference.  This involved thinking about ourselves as individuals and what makes each of us special and unique, as well as comparing similarities and differences between people.  Key Stage 2 classes also thought about how differences can sometimes lead to bullying, and what they should do if this occurs to themselves or someone else. Year 4's significant person this year is Anne Sullivan who taught Helen Keller (who was deaf-blind) to communicate.  To try to understand what it must be like for someone who is deaf or blind, the children learnt what it was like to communicate differently by using Braille and sign language.  Here is their display:






Autumn Scarecrows - A Community Event


We asked the children to make scarecrows and then put these outside their homes for everyone to enjoy as they walk around during half term. We hope this is a way of making our community smile!

Here are some of the scarecrows:




















Geography Day

On the 10th September the whole school took part in a Geography Day. The children were challenged to find out about their inspirational person. Nursery – David Attenborough, Reception- James Braidwood, Year 1- William Hillary, Year 2- Tom Moore, Year 3- Robert Peel, Year 4- Ann Sullivan and Year 5- Chico Mendez.


The children all found out where their inspirational person was born and tried to find the location on a map. Children in Key Stage Two looked into the location in more detail and identified some of the human and physical features,


A range of Geography based activities were enjoyed by all and lots of the work produced has been displayed on our classroom doors so that others can learn all about our inspirational people.


Written by Mrs Brown


Science Day

On Tuesday 8th September it was our whole school science day. The children carried out investigations and experiments to find out about the impact of global warming and what can be done to save our planet. The children used their investigation skills and worked hard to answer questions on what we can do to protect our future. “Global warming is destroying our planet and we must turn lights off and walk to school more to help.” Kara Year 2.


Written by Miss Kite




Creation and Fall Day

On Monday 7th September it was our Creation and Fall day. All of the children reminded themselves of the first two frieze panels and listened to the story of Creation. The children wrote prayers and discussed how our school values impact on our decisions. They also completed art work, drama and story retelling. Year 2 even took part in a 'Godly Play' session. Miss Kite told them the story using the resources and then they had the chance to create anything they liked to do with the Creation story. They loved having the freedom to make their own choices about their learning. Another great RE day! Well done to all.


Written by Miss Boers




On Monday 7th September each class spent some time looking at Tanzania and reminding ourselves of our link with Bishop Chitemo Primary School in Morogoro. Year 2, 3 and 5 completed some art work inspired by Tanzanian artists and animals to update our display. Year 4 are currently working on their pen pal letters replies! We also discussed some ideas for fundraising events which could take place this year. Ideas included bake sales, art galleries and lots more! The children in Tanzania have now returned to school. I have been told they are finding the distancing very tricky as they still have limited desk space. We hope that once the desks we fundraised for arrive this will help them out. We will continue to keep you updated with our link.


Written by Miss Boers