Harvington C of E First and Nursery School

‘Together we love, learn and grow’

Theme Days

At the start of each half term all the children enjoy participating in special theme days. These are days when the children spend the whole day learning about specific subjects and curriculum themes. They have great fun and can delve deeper into these subject areas. Here are some of the theme days for this year:


Geography Day

On the 10th September the whole school took part in a Geography Day. The children were challenged to find out about their inspirational person. Nursery – David Attenborough, Reception- James Braidwood, Year 1- William Hillary, Year 2- Tom Moore, Year 3- Robert Peel, Year 4- Ann Sullivan and Year 5- Chico Mendez.


The children all found out where their inspirational person was born and tried to find the location on a map. Children in Key Stage Two looked into the location in more detail and identified some of the human and physical features,


A range of Geography based activities were enjoyed by all and lots of the work produced has been displayed on our classroom doors so that others can learn all about our inspirational people.


Written by Mrs Brown


Science Day

On Tuesday 8th September it was our whole school science day. The children carried out investigations and experiments to find out about the impact of global warming and what can be done to save our planet. The children used their investigation skills and worked hard to answer questions on what we can do to protect our future. “Global warming is destroying our planet and we must turn lights off and walk to school more to help.” Kara Year 2.


Written by Miss Kite




Creation and Fall Day

On Monday 7th September it was our Creation and Fall day. All of the children reminded themselves of the first two frieze panels and listened to the story of Creation. The children wrote prayers and discussed how our school values impact on our decisions. They also completed art work, drama and story retelling. Year 2 even took part in a 'Godly Play' session. Miss Kite told them the story using the resources and then they had the chance to create anything they liked to do with the Creation story. They loved having the freedom to make their own choices about their learning. Another great RE day! Well done to all.


Written by Miss Boers




On Monday 7th September each class spent some time looking at Tanzania and reminding ourselves of our link with Bishop Chitemo Primary School in Morogoro. Year 2, 3 and 5 completed some art work inspired by Tanzanian artists and animals to update our display. Year 4 are currently working on their pen pal letters replies! We also discussed some ideas for fundraising events which could take place this year. Ideas included bake sales, art galleries and lots more! The children in Tanzania have now returned to school. I have been told they are finding the distancing very tricky as they still have limited desk space. We hope that once the desks we fundraised for arrive this will help them out. We will continue to keep you updated with our link.


Written by Miss Boers