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Global Citizenship

Dear Year Two,

Thank you for your letters showing that you want to make a difference for the environment. I have read your ideas and they are very thoughtful. What is more important is that you are wanting to tell others.
Thank you also to Lilly B, Connie and Maisy for writing a letter to share with parents. I wonder whether they will have time next week to come and write it as a text message so they can send it to all the parents?
We can then share your ideas even further.
Thank you for being fabulous global citizens!
Mrs Fishbourne

Latest news:


The children asked to meet with Class Catering as they were very concerned about the amount of soft plastic and tin foil that was being thrown away. They were very worried that this was not recycled! They met with both managers and challenged what Class Catering were doing and were very pleased that they listened. We now have an extension to our recycling area and we will now recycle tin foil and soft plastics across the school. Not only that Mr Law, the senior manager is sharing this idea with all his other schools. We can make a difference!

This is the email the school sent following the meeting:


On behalf of the children, I wanted to thank you both for taking the time to meet with the children.
I am pleased they had the opportunity to share their thoughts with you both.
They are pleased that you have agreed to recycle your tin foil and cling film from now on. We are also pleased that you will no longer be wasting any bread for display.
They are most excited that you will be spreading the word to your nineteen other kitchens as they are keen to change practice within our school but want more and more schools to follow our example.
They were also excited to hear that you would be regularly discussing environmental matters with your senior managers.
Thank you once again for your time.
Best wishes
Helen Fishbourne

We raised money two years ago to twin our toilets with different contries as the children were upset that some children around the world did not have toilets to use. We learned a lot about the different places and how exciting their food, lives and countries were. We are planning to raise some money to twin with a new country soon.

At Harvington C.E First and Nursery school the children have developed the confidence, knowledge and desire to change the world! There is a natural fit between global citizenship and the Christian ethos of our church school. Our world is increasingly connected and our hope is for our children to grow as responsible global citizens who care about issues such as the environment and access to education, water and healthcare, for example.
The children have an excellent sense of what is right and what is wrong but also take action by practically making a change and raising awareness with others. This is fulfilling the Church of England's vision for education being 'deeply Christian, serving the common good.' We are so proud of everything our children do.
A challenge of our times is how to teach about issues of global injustice, environmental degradation and climate change in a way which is real and honest, yet which still nurtures hope. It is all too easy to adopt a token approach, giving children the impression that it’s OK if they simply buy a Fairtrade chocolate bar from time to time, wear a red nose once a year, and remember to not leave the TV on standby.
On the other hand, we do not want to terrify them so much about famine, disease, floods, droughts, hurricanes  and wars as to paralyse them by fear, guilt and hopelessness.
Our school provides a much-needed safe space and structure in which children can begin to make sense of the world they are encountering and explore their place within it. It aims to nurture the values, attitudes, understanding and skills so our children may realise their hopes and aspirations for a more just and sustainable world in which we live well together, at local, national and global levels. We equip pupils to be courageous advocates for the common good, locally and globally. We teach this as part of our curriculum and then support the children in their ideas for action. We also listen to other ideas the children have and help them to facilitate their plans. 

Our school is part of the Global Neighbours accreditation scheme which celebrates schools that are helping pupils learn about global poverty and the Christian responsibility to tackle it, as well as giving them the tools to play a confident part in creating a fairer world. In July 2018 we were awarded the Bronze Award for our global citizenship work. (Please read our Bronze assessment report below.) We have continued our work and have recently applied for our Silver Award.

The Bronze Award reflects the work the children have undertaken to improve their knowledge and understanding of global issues. The children have especially enjoyed learning about how to support with safe water and how many millions of children do not have access to even a clean glass of water. We have also been learning about how we can help our environment by reducing our use of plastic. We are now a plastic straw free school which is saving over 500 plastic straws being used EACH WEEK! We then moved to the next action of reducing plastic milk bottles and we now only use reusable glass ones. The children have developed their own recycling centre with extra opportunities being added all the time. The children share their actions with others in the school but most importantly in our community, within the church and with our local MP too. They were upset to hear about the amount of food poverty in our local area and chose the local charity to support and are now busy challenging our local catering providers to reduce the amount of their this space!