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How to Support Listening and Attention

What is attention and listening? 

Attention and listening is being able to listen and focus on specific tasks or sounds.

It can be a tricky skill for all children to learn.

Why are attention and listening important?

Good attention and listening skills help with:

  • All areas of learning
  • Social skills
  • Understanding language
  • Following instructions
  • Learning to communicate
  • Speech sounds

All children will develop attention skills at different speeds but there are things we can do to help.

Some things we can do to help:

  • Reduce distractions e.g. turn off the television; have fewer toys out.
  • Focus your child’s attention, use their name.
  • Show your child what you mean. It’s important that your child experiences success.
  • Tell them exactly how to do good listening: e.g. sit still, look at who is talking, think about what is being said.
  • Give your child specific praise for what they have done/achieved.
  • Give instructions in small steps - one piece of information at a time if needed.
  • Emphasise the key words that will help your child to know what to do. e.g. you need your shoes … and bag.
  • Give instructions in the order they are to happen, e.g. “Put your shoes away then wash your hands”.
  • For older children check if they have understood the question/instruction by encouraging them to repeat back what they think they are expected to do.

                        Ways to Build Good Listening Skills




Good Listening Looks Like...

All listening games can be adapted to any age group, just make it FUN!