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Happy holidays! We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 4th September. Gates open at 8.30am.


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Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead - Helen Fishbourne, Deputy Headteacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Becky Enstone. SEND Lead: Helen Fishbourne.

Hedgehog News!


Mrs Fishbourne is now the proud foster Mum of two hedgehogs, a boy and a girl. She has responded to The Vale Wildlife centre appeal to foster hedgehogs as they have over four hundred of them! Mrs Fishbourne is fostering them on behalf of the school. It would have been lovely to keep them at school but they need constant care and that includes the weekends too! She collected them this evening and put them in their new home, an old rabbit hutch, at 7pm. It was prepared with newspaper and hay and looked very warm and cosy. The hedgehogs have to have their own food bowl because they are not very good at sharing yet, Mrs Fishbourne will have them trained very soon! Tonight they have dined on beef cat food in gravy. They eat a can between them each day! We have an important first job and that is to name them both, one is a boy and one is a girl. Perhaps you could write your ideas on a piece of paper and put it in the naming box and we can vote for their names later on this week? I hope you like the photographs, they are not very clear because they are quite shy. I will try again tomorrow!

First Photographs!

First Photographs! 1
First Photographs! 2

The hedgehogs now have their very own page, we thought they deserved it!

(Secretly Mrs Fishbourne wanted them to have their own page yesterday evening but she had to learn how to set it up!)


Mrs Fishbourne now has some more details of her new foster hedgehogs. The male, boy, hedgehog, number 333, was rescued by the Vale Wildlife Centre in October when he was about a month old. The girl, female, hedgehog, number 574, was rescued by the centre in November and she was two months old. The Vale Wildlife Centre  said they were probably both born at the end of September so Mrs Fishbourne has chosen the 30thof  September as their birthday. This means they are four months old now!

We don't want to call them by their number names so Mrs Fishbourne has asked the children to think of some names and we will have a vote to choose our favourites. Mrs Fishbourne likes the names Hamish and Henrietta and Mrs Davies likes Chocolate and Biscuit but we will see which are the children's favourites!

Last night they ate half a can of cat food. They are supposed to eat a whole can but I think they were a bit unsure of their new hutch. I hope they eat more tonight. They did have some water, which is good as they need to drink. Mrs Fishbourne knows they drank some water because some of the food was in the little bowl, probably from their mouths. Mrs Fishbourne will talk to them about their manners tonight!



Thursday 1st February.


The hedgehogs didn't make good choices last night! 

 Not only did they leave some of their food they tipped over their water bowl! They know that they need to eat all their food as they need to weigh enough to be released back into the wild. When they were brought into The Vale Wildlife Centre they weighed 200 grams each and now the female hedgehog weighs 950 grams and the male hedgehog weighs 924 grams.

For a merit mark can you write down on a piece of paper (with your name on) how much weight they have gained? Remember there will be a different answer for each hedgehog! Please bring it to the office for Mrs Fishbourne to look at.

Mrs Fishbourne hopes that when she returns home they will not have tipped their bowl over again as it took her quite a bit of time to clean them out this morning before she drove to school.

The children have written down so many name suggestions so we will have to have a fair vote.......more details soon!


Mrs Fishbourne will try and take some more pictures this evening if they wake up before she goes to bed. Mrs Fishbourne forgets they are nocturnal and like to sleep in the day!

Friday 2nd February.


The hedgehogs ate half a can of food last night which was better than nothing but Mrs Fishbourne is going to email The Vale Wildlife Centre this morning to check whether that is acceptable as the advice sheet says they should eat a whole can! Unfortunately they did not wake up during the evening so there are no new photographs. Mrs Fishbourne has been told she shouldn't wake the hedgehogs up as this upsets them. They did manage to keep their little water bowl upright but they did drop lots of food and hay into it again.

The children have offered so many different name suggestions for the hedgehogs. We are now asking the children to put a tally mark by their favourite. The list is attached so you can talk about your favourites during the weekend, just click on the document below.

Their first weekend!


The hedgehogs have grown in confidence and they are now eating much more. Their favourite food is chicken in jelly and they have eaten just over half a can of food between them on each of the three nights. But they are still very naughty! It looks like they are having a big party each night because when Mrs Fishbourne looks at them in the morning they have ripped up all their newspaper and turned over all their bowls of food and water!


Mrs Fishbourne has the name tally chart and is going to be doing a lot of counting this evening. Tomorrow will be the big reveal and we will find out their names! In the meantime she has a new maths task for you: if the hedgehogs are eating half a can of food each evening (between them) how many cans will they eat in a week? If you write your answer, with your name, Mrs Fishbourne will give you a merit mark!



Tuesday 6th February 


The winning names are:


Spike (for the male)

Prickles (for the female)


The top four results are in the attached document:

Thursday 8th February.


The hedgehogs had their weigh in yesterday evening.

Prickles (the female) is now 925 grams and Spike (the male) is now 903 grams. They have both lost some weight which worried Mrs Fishbourne but Jeff, at the Vale Wildlife Centre, said this was quite normal as they need to get use to their new home.

Mrs Fishbourne is worried they might be trying to hibernate so she has turned the heater up a little bit more as Jeff says the temperature should also be about 5 degrees centigrade. Last night they ate some cat biscuits and knocked their water bowl over again! They also tucked into some beef and kidney cat food, but they still didn't really eat much.

Well done to all the children who are bringing in the answers to the maths problems we are setting! Have a look back on Spike and Prickles webpage if you want to have a go and earn a merit.

The next challenge is: can you work out how much weight the hedgehogs have lost?

Thursday 8th February


Spike, the male hedgehog, made an early appearance tonight so Mrs Fishbourne has managed to take a photograph of him. He was eating some biscuits but turned to pose for the camera. He then seemed to lift his body and use his surprisingly long legs to scuttle back to his bed. He ran really quite fast, faster than Mrs Fishbourne can run! You will probably be able to run faster than Spike tomorrow at our wildlife run.......I am sure both Spike and Prickles will be thinking of you in their sleepy dreams.



Picture 1

Wednesday 14th February


Yesterday evening Mrs Fishbourne weighed both hedgehogs and was hoping they had put some of their weight back on. They had been eating a little more so when they were put on the scales Mrs Fishbourne was hoping for some big numbers!

Spike, the male, was weighed first and he was 925 grams. He was a little grumpy to be woken up and made some grunting noises.

Prickles, the female, was next and she weighed 927 grams. She was not keen on being moved either and tightened herself up into a big ball.


So the question for today is how much weight have they gained or lost since their last weigh in? If you write your answers for Mrs Fishbourne then she will give you a merit if you are correct.

Monday 26th February.


Spike and Prickles have been feeling the cold and have been hiding in their newspaper bed for a couple of days. They have been eating quite well though only 200 grams of food each evening and not the 400 grams the Vale Wildlife charity said they should be eating.


They were weighed again in the holiday. Prickles is 925g and Spike is now 930g. So Spike has put on a little bit of weight and Prickles has lost a little bit but Jeff says that is still fine. They now only eat the packets of cat food. If Mrs Fishbourne puts the tinned cat food in they ignore it and only eat the biscuits. How naughty is that?!

They will be weighed again tomorrow. 

Wednesday 28th February.


Last night Mrs Fishbourne had to move the hedgehogs as it was so cold in the garage where they were being kept. Even though the heater had been on over night it was very chilly and the hedgehogs were trying to hibernate. Unfortunately because they are still very small they have to eat every day and so they are not allowed to sleep!

Mrs Fishbourne has moved the hedgehogs to the spare room so they are now very comfy in their hutch. They are on top of the double bed in there! If anyone comes to stay they will have to sleep on the floor!

Mrs Fishbourne has had a lovely present today, made by the very talented Mrs Johnson. I am sure you can tell who they are!

Picture 1

The hedgehogs were cleaned out yesterday. Look how lovely they are. Spike is the hedgehog near the door and Prickles is the one where you can see her face. Mrs Fishbourne thought she was smiling!

The hedgehogs were cleaned out yesterday. Look how lovely they are. Spike is the hedgehog near the door and Prickles is the one where you can see her face.  Mrs Fishbourne thought she was smiling!  1
The hedgehogs were cleaned out yesterday. Look how lovely they are. Spike is the hedgehog near the door and Prickles is the one where you can see her face.  Mrs Fishbourne thought she was smiling!  2
The hedgehogs were cleaned out yesterday. Look how lovely they are. Spike is the hedgehog near the door and Prickles is the one where you can see her face.  Mrs Fishbourne thought she was smiling!  3

July 2018


Both hedgehogs are now regular visitors in Mrs Fishbourne's garden. They come most nights for some cat food (Mrs Fishbourne's cat is very jealous) and they also enjoy some water in this hot weather. Mrs Fishbourne is hoping that they may have some babies soon too.